MIRROR Toolbox


The MIRROR Design Toolbox is developed starting from the CSRL modelĀ  and it supports the design of reflection apps. The MIRROR Design Toolbox may be used to design new reflection apps or enhance existing tools and practices for better support for reflection.


The aim of the toolbox is to provide a comprehensive set of tools supporting the designers while giving them flexibility to choose when to use which tool.

The tools are designed to promote a participatory approach, involving users as a central part of the process, for example in the context of co-design workshops.

The toolbox provides three main categories of tools:

  • Landscape: to capture the understanding of the work and organizational context. Tools in this category include templates for e.g. personas and technology infrastructure.
  • Storyline: to obtain a deeper insight into the practices and use of reflection tools at the workplace through story telling. Tools in this category include cards for triggering and capturing reflection histories clearly specifying relevant reflection cycles.
  • Specification: to design and specify tools for reflection, which may be new tools or enhancement and adaptation of existing ones. Tools in this category include a set of questions for helping to identify core functionalities to support reflection cycles.

To get the MIRROR Design ToolBox , click here. The folder contains:

01 -Toolbox Presentation: this presentation will give you a brief overview of the purpose of the toolbox, the theoretical background and an overview of the tools.

02 – Toolbox User Guide: this guide presents the different categories of tools in the MIRROR Design Toolbox, explaining for each of them rationale, possible patterns of use, intended users, and connection with other tools.

03 – MIRROR Design Toolbox: this is the actual toolbox. The idea is to print out the document one sided in color. Usually one page=one card/template, except for the cards with blue headline that should be handle as smaller cards. The blue cards can be cut out for handling them as a deck of cards.

(!!Warning: The IRG to which we refer in the toolbox is currently not available. You can still use the other tools!!!)

The toolbox is availableĀ  under the Creative Common License. We would be happy to get your feedbacks.