Learning about assessment

At the last TELL GEMINI meeting, Katerina Mangaroska    presented the paper: What do We Know about Learner Assessment in Technology-Rich Environments? A Systematic Review of Systematic Reviews

The paper is co-authored by Katerina Mangaroska; Rabail Tahir; Madeleine Lorås; Anna Mavroudi (talk about gender gap in IT!)

The paper was presented at ICALT and won a BEST PAPER AWARD. Well done!
The paper is a systematic review of systematic reviews of studies that are focusing on assessment.The focus of the study is in five innovative areas of interest:
  • adaptive or personalized learning,
  • data-informed or evidence-based approaches,
  • blending formal and informal learning,
  • cultivation of 21st century skills, and
  • game-based learning.
The research questions revolve around the types of assessment used, the research methodologies or strategies, the social aspects/ planes, and future research directions.
The paper stems from a workshop organised at the EATEL summer school of Technology Enhanced Learning, a yearly event that we strongly recommend to young researchers.