Join us at Networking Event at DIGS

The Internet of Everything is changing the way we learn. The classroom is not anymore the only arena for learning. We learn at work, at play, sitting on the sofa, interacting with friends on social media. What are the opportunities for research and business? What does this mean for your workplace? For your school? For your business? For your everyday life?

TELL is holding a networking event at DIGS. Come and visit us! See more information about the event and sign up here.

At TELL we work with Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning. Our vision is learning for all. We design technology that helps to realize this vision by improving existing learning practices, but also helps to create new practices in school, public sector, and industry.
We will present some of the work that we are doing, including mobile apps to promote participation in urban planning, teaching computing to children, games for learning, supporting learning at the workplace for industrial workers, Internet of Things toolkits to build new learning tools, technologies to empower sustainable behavior…and much more!

TELL is a cooperation between NTNU and SINTEF in the area of Technology Enhanced Lifelong Learning. We aim at establishing Trondheim as a center of innovation and excellence for technology enhanced lifelong learning. This is a call to educators, ICT startups, industry, designers, social entrepreneurs, the public sector to join the discussion. Whether you are interested in learning or in technology for making a change, join us! The event will include short presentations, posters, demos and time for mingling and sharing ideas.

Program of the evening will be released soon.